From Pumps and Pipes to Data and Discovery

Unifying a New Division


  • Jeremy Myntti Brigham Young University
  • Megan McMillan



A reorganization of the Brigham Young University Library in 2020 brought many changes to the library, including the formation of the Metadata and Information Technology (MIT) Division. This new division needed to define a vision for itself, encourage a sense of unity among its employees, and foster collaboration among those employees. This article details how the MIT Division created a Data and Discovery initiative based on the Pumps and Pipes collaboration model, a model which brings seemingly unrelated industries together to discover solutions to their respective challenges by exploring “their neighbor’s toolbox” (Pumps and Pipes, n.d., “What We Do”). Here we share the details of many of the MIT Division’s collaboration and unity initiatives, including MIT’s vision for how employees can come together to use the tools employed by other departments within the library.




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Myntti, J., & McMillan, M. (2024). From Pumps and Pipes to Data and Discovery: Unifying a New Division. Library Leadership & Management, 37(4).



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