Children in the Workplace

An Exploration in Library Policy Making


  • Sharolyn Swenson Brigham Young University
  • Marissa Bischoff Brigham Young University
  • Ryan Lee Brigham Young University



Children in the workplace are becoming a more common discussion in various work environments, including libraries. Since the university has no policy addressing this issue, a task force was charged to draft a recommended policy for the university library regarding bringing children to the workplace. The task force reviewed existing policies and conducted a survey and interviews with library employees. The resulting policy provided guidelines for employees and their supervisors without being overly prescriptive. This article provides a case study of how the task force used assessment methods and tools to create an appropriate and inclusive policy. While the specific policy and results are unique to this institution, the framework used to create a policy can be more broadly applied to all types of libraries. 




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Swenson, S., Bischoff, M., & Lee, R. (2024). Children in the Workplace: An Exploration in Library Policy Making. Library Leadership & Management, 37(3).



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