Improving Research Support Services in Indonesian Academic Libraries

A Recommendation for Business Process Reengineering Implementation Strategies


  • Ira Maryati National Research and Innovation Agency
  • Betty Purwandari Universitas Indonesia
  • Harry Budi Santoso Universitas Indonesia
  • Indra Budi



The increasing role of Indonesian academic digital libraries in research support services has the consequences of changing the business process. Business process reengineering (BPR) needs to be implemented with business models and business processes that have been developed. Successful implementation requires appropriate strategies according to specific characteristics. This study aims to develop a BPR implementation strategy for improving research support services in Indonesian academic digital libraries. The study is qualitative research with a grounded theory method (GTM) approach. Interviews were conducted with four academic library managers with predetermined characteristics. Coding, memoing, and constant comparison are looping data analyses to achieve data saturation. Strategy recommendations and related issues are mapped in a diagram. This research has designed 36 strategies to address issues arising in implementing BPR in Indonesian academic libraries. The strategy is unique regarding several issues that have not emerged in previous research. This is triggered by the characteristics of academic libraries as non-profit organizations and the management of research resources that require collaboration between units. The main issues that arise are staff awareness, improvement motivation, gradual implementation, limited resources, lack of cooperation, lack of top management support and communication, limited budget, and monitoring and evaluation. In contrast to previous studies conducted on BPR implementation strategy in profit organizations, this study designed the implementation strategy of BPR for nonprofit organizations, especially for academic digital libraries towards research support services.




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Maryati, I., Purwandari, B., Budi Santoso, H., & Budi, I. (2024). Improving Research Support Services in Indonesian Academic Libraries: A Recommendation for Business Process Reengineering Implementation Strategies. Library Leadership & Management, 37(3).



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