Meeting a Need: Piloting a Mentoring Program for History Librarians




mentoring, history librarians, professional organizations


Mentoring is a mainstay of librarianship. Professional organizations can offer specific guidance for librarians through mentoring programs. This article describes the development and assessment of a mentoring program for history librarians by the Academic Librarians Committee of the Reference & Users Services Association’s History Section. The study examines the findings from a survey of participants. Respondents indicated overall that the program was beneficial. Mentors and mentees who interacted through web conferencing tended to report higher satisfaction. The responses suggest improved practices for future iterations of this program, including evaluating the process for pairing mentoring matches, creating an onboarding process, providing more structure for communication, and considering the potential of peer mentoring. These findings could be applied to other mentoring programs for librarians.

Author Biographies

Amanda Binder, UNC Charlotte

Amanda Binder is Social Sciences and History Librarian at UNC Charlotte.

Brittany O'Neill, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Brittany O'Neill is Information Literacy Librarian at UNC Wilmington. She was previously Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian at Louisiana State Uinveristy.

Malia Willey, James Madison University

Malia Willey is a Humanities Librarian at James Madison University.




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Binder, A., O’Neill, B., & Willey, M. (2022). Meeting a Need: Piloting a Mentoring Program for History Librarians. Library Leadership & Management, 36(2).



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