Educational Background of ARL Directors


  • Kristine Condic Oakland University



ARL Directors, graduate degrees, non-MLIS professionals


Strong leadership is needed to provide vision and focus in academic libraries during this rapidly changing environment. While leadership skills can be acquired in many ways, this study examines formal education. Graduate degrees of Association of Research Library (ARL) directors were identified to determine whether they have earned library and information science degrees as well as other graduate degrees. Results indicate that 90% of the ARL directors have library degrees but the remaining 10% have graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines though not solely in management or leadership. Additionally, the percentage of ARL directors with doctorates has increased slightly in the past 20 years, while the percentage of those with MLIS degrees has decreased.

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Kristine Condic, Oakland University

University Libraries, Professor Note: A portion of this paper was presented at the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Conference on March 9, 2018.




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Condic, K. (2019). Educational Background of ARL Directors. Library Leadership & Management, 33(2).



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