Learning from Crucible Moments: Lessons in Crisis Leadership





leadership, crisis management


Access to formal and informal leadership education and mentoring all contribute to the development of library leaders. Though crisis leadership may be discussed in leadership training, it is often the case that experiencing and leading through crises is the primary way in which most library leaders gain skill in managing these challenging situations. If we learn through our mistakes, then crisis leadership is surely a shining example of this principle for leaders are most apt to falter when finding themselves in the crucible. This article presents the crisis situation in which leaders are subjected to the changes forged in the crucible, as an opportunity for leaders to learn, gain wisdom and grow professionally, even when their performance may falter. It also presents the dark times crisis as a newer type of situation leaders will increasingly confront and for which they will find it difficult to adequately prepare. Different crisis scenarios are presented along with recommendations for how leaders can best manage and learn from them.

Author Biography

Steven J. Bell, temple university

Steven J. Bell is Associate University Librarian at Temple University Libraries.




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Bell, S. J. (2019). Learning from Crucible Moments: Lessons in Crisis Leadership. Library Leadership & Management, 33(2). https://doi.org/10.5860/llm.v33i2.7327