Putting Work Life Balance into Practice: Policy Implications for Academic Librarians


  • Tamara Townsend Long Island University
  • Kimberley Bugg NYC College of Technology (CUNY)




work-life balance, management, libraries, higher education


Work-life balance for academic librarians is often problematic because while they are often held to the same scholarship and service standards as teaching faculty; their work responsibilities do not always afford them the same independence and autonomy to complete these requirements. Further, library leaders concerned with recruitment and retention should consider reviewing and updating policies that address work-life balance as a way to gain the competitive advantage. This study explores the policies that hinder and support librarians in achieving greater work-life balance. A survey of 329 academic librarians working in urban settings found that changes and enhancements in schedule flexibility would assist many librarians with achieving greater work-life balance.

Author Biographies

Tamara Townsend, Long Island University

Tamara Townsend is a Reference and Instruction Librarian, Assistant Professor, at Long Island University-Brooklyn.

Kimberley Bugg, NYC College of Technology (CUNY)

Kimberley Bugg serves as an Assistant Professor at the Scherwin Library of NYC College of Technology (CUNY).




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Townsend, T., & Bugg, K. (2018). Putting Work Life Balance into Practice: Policy Implications for Academic Librarians. Library Leadership & Management, 32(3). https://doi.org/10.5860/llm.v32i3.7272



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